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​First in Japan!

Moomin Language School

At Moomin Language School, infant classes and elementary school classes will be held from January 17, 2022.

Infant class is Mr. Lauren,
Elementary school class is taught by Mr. Johanna.
The time is the same as before from 4:30 to 5:30 on Monday.
Inquiries: 090 6617 8068


Moomin Language School has a new teacher!


​Elementary school class charge

Surya Sano Johanna Yukie

Finnish born and raised in Japan.
Graduated from Australian Theological University and acquired TESOL. Over 30 years of language teaching experience.

English and Finnish language courses at Shizuoka City International Exchange Association, Shizuoka City Lifelong Learning Exchange Center, etc. Also involved in English reading classes, seminars introducing Australia and Finland, and multicultural coexistence seminars.

Talked about English education in Finland on E-Tele's "Rumor Parents' Meeting".
Together with her husband, she launched the first Moomin Language School in Japan.


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